Attract Local and International Clients Regardless of Cultural Barriers

Why Website Localisation

Going digital and going global are names of the game when you are a business competing in this new digital era. A website that caters to consumers’ evolving needs and reaches international customers is no longer a good-to-have, but a must-have. To reach, attract, engage, and market to consumers effectively, your website needs to display content in a language they understand. If your visitors hail from multiple countries and speak different languages, you would need to display your website in the correct language to continue to be relevant and appealing to them.

With website localisation, it is more than just hitting the language selector. Adapting your content to the needs of foreign markets is vital if you want to amplify your reach. Combined with marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Generation, you will be able to minimise the potential of your website, reach new audiences, and publish your content more effectively to overseas markets.


  • Step 1

    Website Assessment

  • Step 2

    Glossary Preparation

  • Step 3

    Multilingual Keyword Research

  • Step 4

    Glossary In-Country Translation & Approval

  • Step 5

    Website & SEO Translation and Proofreading

  • Step 6

    Review, Edit & Proofreading

  • Step 7

    Review & Confirm

  • Step 8

    Update Translation Memory

  • Step 9

    Release Translation

Benefits of Website Localisation

Maximise Visibility & Reach

Increase organic search rankings with foreign keyword optimisation and regular content generation.

Achieve Leading Market Position

Differentiate your brand, reach a wider audience, get more business, and stay ahead of the competition.

Build Credibility & Engagement

Be a global player. Break the linguistic barriers and improve user experience with website localisation.

Increase Sales & Promote Trust

Build trust in your brand with customers when you speak to them in a language they understand.

Improve User Experience & Purchase Journeys

Enhance website navigation, boost users’ comfort in interaction, and increase closing ratios with native language usage.

Adapting an existing website to the local language and culture of the target market.

ASEAN PackageASIA Package
LanguagesEnglish to ASEAN Languages
(Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese)
English to ASIAN Languages
(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese)
Package Volume20,000-Word Credit40,000-Word Credit
Keyword Research & Development10 Keywords / Language
(For 2 Languages)
10 Keywords / Language
(For 4 Languages)
Multilingual RevisionUnlimited Revision
(Within 2 weeks upon 1st delivery of translated work)
Unlimited Revision
(Within 2 weeks upon 1st delivery of translated work)
Package Validity6 Months6 Months


On-Site SEO Optimisation2 Languages
(Up to 20 Pages / Language)

• Keywords
• Title Tag
• Description Tag
• Headings

4 Languages
(Up to 20 Pages / Language)

• Keywords
• Title Tag
• Description Tag
• Headings

Content Generation
(6 Months)
English + 2 Other Languages

• Biweekly Blog Post / Language
• 36 Blog Articles

English + 4 Other Languages

• Biweekly Blog Post / Language
• 60 Blog Articles

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